About Us

Who We Are

We protect what we love and our property being an essential requirement of today’s life needs our care as much as anything else. One of the essentials of protection required today is waterproofing to protect our buildings from external man-made or environmental damage but we need a competent and experienced service to efficiently fulfill this task. Whether the purpose is to maintain the superficial beauty of buildings or to protect its internal structure from damage in the long run “ACA Contracting Inc.” being a commercial building envelope waterproofing specialist stands out to fulfill this task effectively. Professionalism and care are all that is required from any competent service and is all that we offer.

What We Do

Apart from providing an all-in-one waterproofing solution for your commercial properties we also provide air vapor barrier, caulking, roofing, restoration and firestop services. We are a team of dedicated professionals performing our duty by heart with passion and commitment backed up by over four decades of experience in the relevant field. The materials we use have been chosen through our market experience spanning across years of practical working experience in this field so that our clients get only industry’s best top of the notch products for whatever service they choose from us. As far as waterproofing is concerned the whole process from start to the end is accomplished under expert supervision to enable hundred percent positive results in the watertight seal applied to your building. Our niche is our passion in the work we do as this business is our family owned since 2005 and we had an aim which we have achieved now of becoming the biggest installer of below-grade foundation waterproofing, air vapor barrier, caulking and roofing in commercial establishments.

Our Commitment

We consider our customers as our professional associates enabling both of us to grow together and accomplish our goals together. To maintain the quality of our services we always consider customer satisfaction as our topmost priority. Once you decide to avail our services the level of competency you will witness will assuredly satisfy you to the core.